Do you remember the first day of school? First day of kindergarten? First day of elementary school? First day of high school? First day of college? First day of University?

You know, the reality is the first day of anything new can come with all kinds of mixed emotions. There is excitement for all things new! There is apprehension for all things new! There is fear for all things new! The experience of emotions can range from fear to excitement to insecurity to simple apathy even.

Well today I am reflecting on this as I begin a new journey in this season of life I didn’t see coming. Today, bright and early I started my commute to Burnaby which will be my daily routine four days a week for the next three months. From Monday to Thursday I will be investing my time with the Watson Centre Society for Brain Health in an effort to continue to heal and recover from a double concussion I suffered nearly 8 months ago (just 2 days shy of that marker).

As I began this day, I have to admit it was with the fullness of emotions that I already mentioned above. There was fear that this new journey might not end up with the kind of recovery that I so desperately hope for! There was the insecurity of going into something new and having to deal with all kinds of new situations, new people, new paradigms. There was the excitement (which is awesome) of the HOPE that this could really be the final phase of the healing process which would mean a return to life as I once knew it!

You know, FIRSTS in all kinds of things can be really intimidating and daunting. And the most important thing that we can do in order to set ourselves up for success in the process is to manage our attitudes. Sometimes it seems it can be so easy to be negative (or maybe/perhaps it is just me) and we can allow those negative feelings and attitudes to taint what could otherwise be a really amazing thing or adventure. Which is WHY we need to manage our attitudes towards the things that come our way in this thing called life. Actually, every day presents new opportunities and new possibilities and often the determining factor between a positive outcome or a negative outcome is our attitude that we adopt along the way.

I love what hall of famer Wade Boggs of the Boston Red Sox has to say about our attitudes in life, he writes:

My Post (3)

The reality simple is this, the way we approach FIRSTS in our lives our attitudes will often determine the long-term outcomes and the results of the opportunities that come our way. As for me, I am doing all I can over this next 3 months to approach this opportunity with as much positive belief and faith that I can muster and trusting God for the rest! My hope and prayer is that you will do the same with whatever opportunities or challenges that come your way in this amazing thing called the journey of life and faith!

Here’s to all the FIRSTS that life brings our way!

Rev Trev

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