It’s NOT in my HEAD!

SO… it’s not in my head you say!

Well, yesterday I got the report from a morning of testing with the new program that I have been privileged to be a part of at the Watson Centre Society for Brain Health (check them out here: I mentioned the testing in a video l put out on Facebook and Twitter in which I said I would do a shout out about the results but unfortunately last night we got some sad news. My cousin who was like another brother growing up who was two years older than me passed away at some point on the weekend in his home. He had his own battles with a traumatic brain injury and in later years with that challenging disease known as Parkinson’s. He had become a real support to me through Facebook over the months of dealing with this journey. He helped me to understand the challenges, the struggles, the difficulties that come with dealing with recovering from damage to the brain. So, with respect to him and his family I did not want to post anything last night and so I deferred to today.

I did post a video on the results on Facebook and Twitter but for those who won’t necessarily take the time to watch a short video I thought I would write a quick blog on the results and what comes next.

So, after a thorough set of testing the end result in a nutshell is that both of my hemispheres (left and right) of my brain are working at a normal capacity. The challenge is the neuropathways that connect the two are broken, damaged and mostly unrepairable. However, because of the neuroplasticity of the brain these pathways can be re-created, developed over again and that is where the good news comes in! The team at the Watson Centre are excited about the ability of this three-month program to assist in the recreating of these pathways and so am I.


Also personally, I am excited to find out that there is actually something wrong with the brain that can be detected through the right series of testing. You see, honestly sometimes in this journey I have wondered (even sometimes out loud) if all this was simply in my head. I have wondered if all the symptoms and pain were just a figment of my imagination and that there is really nothing wrong at all. It’s funny but I have heard that others have had these kinds of challenges emotionally and intellectually.

But today, because of the results of the testing I am excited to know that it’s NOT in my head but it IS in my head!

The most amazing thing about all of this is the great team at the Watson Centre has already put together a plan of action that is tailored specifically to my own personal needs as I recover from this injury that occurred 8 months ago today! I started down that pathway today and look forward to what the future days, weeks, and months have in store as I continue in the journey I never saw coming!

Thanks for all the support, the prayers, and the love!

Rev Trev

R.I.P. Rick Stearns you will be missed by all who had the privilege of knowing you!

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